The formation of a new government autumn 2021

On 10 November, Stefan Löfven (Social Democratic Party) formally requested to resign as Prime Minister. On 25 November, the Speaker of the Riksdag Andreas Norlén proposed that the Riksdag appoint Magdalena Andersson (Social Democratic Party) as Prime Minister. The proposal was approved by the Riksdag on 29 November, and she took office the following day.

When a prime minister resigns and a new government is formed, it is the task of the Speaker to prepare a proposal for a new prime minister who can gain sufficient support in the Riksdag. The Speaker then holds talks with the representatives of all the parties in the Riksdag in order to find out which candidate for prime minister has sufficient support to be approved as prime minister and form a government. The Speaker's negotiations with the parties in the Riksdag are sometimes referred to as the Speaker's interview rounds.

According to the Constitution of Sweden, the present government is to remain as a caretaker government until a new prime minister and government have taken office. A caretaker government manages routine matters, but according to practice it does not take any new political initiatives.

The Riksdag votes on the proposal for prime minister

After the Speaker has prepared a proposal for new prime minister and has consulted with the Deputy Speakers, the members of the Riksdag examine the proposal by means of a vote in the Chamber. If more than half of the members of the Riksdag vote against the proposal it is rejected. Otherwise, it is approved.

If the proposal for prime minister is approved by the Riksdag, the prime minister must announce, as soon as possible, the names of the ministers to be included in the government. The new government then takes office at a special meeting known as a Council of State at the Royal Palace, with the head of state, the King, presiding as chair. The Speaker is also summoned to attend the Council of State.

The Speaker may present four proposals

If more than half of the members of the Riksdag vote against the proposal, the Speaker must talk to the party leaders again, consult with the Deputy Speakers, and then submit a new proposal.

The Speaker is limited to four such processes. If no proposal for a new prime minister receives sufficient support, extraordinary parliamentary elections must be held within three months.

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