Swedish participation in the mission in Iraq to be extended

17 December 2019 klockan 16.20

Sweden will continue to participate in the current military training mission in Iraq in 2020. The Swedish forces are to consist of 70 people. If the situation demands, it will be possible to add a temporary reinforcement and evacuation force consisting of a maximum of 150 people. The Riksdag voted in favour of the Government's proposal.

The mission is a result of an invitation from Iraq and is being carried out within the framework of the global coalition that is working together to combat the terror organisation Daesh. The overall objective of the Swedish mission is to improve the Iraqi defence forces' capability to counter the threat from the terror organisation.

Developments in Iraq are highly uncertain and unpredictable and the Government has a continual preparedness to adapt or discontinue Sweden's participation in the mission in Iraq. The Riksdag therefore urged the Government to report back in an announcement to the Committee on Foreign Affairs if the situation so demands, or at least once every quarter. This report should cover the mission's organisation, any changes to conditions and an account of in what way the mission has contributed to achieving the objectives.