The budget for 2020 has been decided

20 December 2019 klockan 09.27

On 18 December, the Riksdag concluded this autumn's work on the 2020 budget. The maximum limit for each of the 27 expenditure areas has now been decided, as well as how funds are to be distributed within each expenditure area.

The Committee on Finance has compiled the Riksdag's decision relating to the central government budget for 2020. It contains all decisions divided according to revenue, expenditure areas and appropriations. The compiled report is submitted to the Government in the days before Christmas.

2019/20:FiU10 Central government budget for 2020 (in Swedish)

The central government budget contains all government revenue and expenditure that affects how much money the Government has to borrow. It contains approximately 500 appropriations for different expenditures. An appropriation is a sum of money and can concern maximum charges for child daycare or road maintenance. The 500 appropriations in the central government budget are divided into 27 expenditure areas.

The parliamentary committees' budget activities

The Government presented its proposed budget to the Riksdag on 18 September. The Budget Bill for 2020 is based on an agreement between the Social Democratic Party, the Centre Party, the Liberal Party and the Green Party.
During the general private members' motions period, which took place between 10 September and 3 October this year, the parties in the Riksdag can submit counter proposals to the Budget Bill in the form of budget motions.

All 15 parliamentary committees work with the budget, but the Committee on Finance has the overall responsibility and proposes, for example, whether the Riksdag is to say yes or no to the Government's proposal for the budget framework.

The Riksdag decides on the framework first

The Riksdag decides on the central government budget in two stages. First, it takes a decision on the size of the budget, that is, the overall budget framework. The framework determines the maximum limit for expenditure in each expenditure area. It also includes an estimate of central government revenue for the following year.

Framework decision

Decision 27 November
Central government budget 2020 Framework decision (in Swedish)
Committee on Finance report 2019/20:FiU1

The funds are distributed within expenditure areas

In a second stage, the committees prepare proposals for decisions on how the funds are to be distributed within the 27 expenditure areas. Between 4 and 18 December, the Riksdag took decisions on all expenditure areas.

Expenditure areas

All of the reports in the links below are in Swedish.

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