The Riksdag approves Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement between the EU and Armenia

2 May 2019 klockan 16.04

Uppdated 2 May 2019 klockan 16.44

The Riksdag has approved the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement between the EU, its member states and Armenia, and has thus voted in favour of the Government's proposal.

The objective of the agreement is to strengthen bilateral relations and political dialogue between the EU and Armenia. The parties are to continue their cooperation to promote trade and investment, while strengthening the development of democracy and a market economy in Armenia.

It is ten years since the Eastern Partnership, that is cooperation between the EU and the six Eastern European partner countries Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, was established. The objective of the Eastern Partnership includes working for human rights, democracy, the rule of law, anti-corruption and gender equality, and it is part of the EU's neighbourhood policy. The Government considers the agreement to be of great significance and that the Riksdag should therefore approve the agreement.

The Riksdag shares the Government's assessment. The agreement replaces the existing Partnership and Cooperation Agreement from 1999 and will start to apply approximately two months after the parties have met certain requirements.