Yes to the expenditure limits and revenues in the Budget Bill

27 November 2019 klockan 16.30

The Riksdag has voted in favour of the proposed expenditure limits and revenue estimates in the Government's Budget Bill for 2020. The Riksdag has also approved the legislative proposals concerning changes to tax regulations in the Budget Bill and has expressed its support for the central government expenditure ceiling.

Expenditure in the Government's budget proposals for 2020 amounts to SEK 1,069 billion, with estimated revenues of SEK 1,116 billion. This means that the estimated surplus for 2020 in the central government budget will be SEK 47 billion.

The Riksdag has expressed its support for the Government's line of economic policy: to get more people in work, to make Sweden a fossil-free leader, to strengthen welfare, to bring about growth in the whole country and achieve an improvement in security. Tax policy is intended to ensure stable tax revenues and create conditions for sustainable growth and high employment.

The Budget Bill is based on a political agreement between the Social Democratic Party, the Centre Party, the Liberal Party and the Green Party.

The Riksdag's decision concerning expenditure limits will be a determining factor in the next stage when the Riksdag decides on appropriations for the 27 expenditure areas.