Extension of party group leaders’ agreement on Riksdag work procedures during the corona crisis

16 April 2020 klockan 10.02

Uppdated 18 June 2020 klockan 14.24

The party group leaders' agreement on the work of the Riksdag during the corona crisis has been further extended until 7 September. The purpose of the agreement is to ensure that the Riksdag can fulfil its tasks even though a large number of members of the Riksdag cannot participate in Riksdag work.

In general, the idea is that all the members of the Riksdag who are not on sick leave, on parental leave, or on leave of absence for some other reason are still in service and should fulfil their duties, though partially in ways that are different from usual.

"I welcome the fact that the group leaders have extended this agreement. It provides the Riksdag with good conditions to continue its important work. I am grateful that the members of the Riksdag are really living up to what is stated in the agreement, that is that every member is in service, even though only 55 members need to be present in the Riksdag when the Riksdag takes its decisions, The members still have full working days, though they are now often at their computers or on the telephone, busy with meetings remotely," says the Speaker Andreas Norlén.


Meetings between debates and decisions in the Chamber of the Riksdag are to continue with only 55 members participating in the decisions. The members participating in a vote shall be distributed proportionately in accordance with the way all the seats are distributed in the Chamber to ensure that the result of the vote is properly reflected.

The parliamentary committees and the Committee on EU Affairs

The Riksdag committees and the Committee on EU Affairs continue to work with the possibility for many members to join meetings on line. To make the work of the committees function more easily, the parties can, according to the agreement, nominate any number of members as extra deputy members to any number of Riksdag committees and to the Committee on EU Affairs. This has already been done and these extra deputy members were chosen on 18 March.