Exceptions from the requirement to have a building permit in the case of the spread of a disease constituting a danger to society

22 April 2020 klockan 14.05

The Government will be able to allow exceptions to the requirements of the Planning and Building Act (PBL) in cases where there is a risk of the spread of a disease constituting a danger to society, such as COVID-19. The purpose of the exception is for example to get field hospitals and testing tents in place if regular hospital premises are not sufficient. The Riksdag voted in favour of the Government's proposal.

Under the Planning and Building Act, a building permit is required to enable the construction of a new building or to use a building for purposes other than those for which it was intended. However, in a situation like the spread of the new coronavirus, the Government believes that there is no time to wait for the process of granting a building permit if the necessary premises are to be put in place immediately. In addition to building permission, the exceptions also to apply to such things as demolition permits and site improvement permits (concerning for example permission to raise or lower the ground by means of excavation of the moving of earth).

The amendment will come into force on 1 May 2020. The Government will be able to issue exceptions retroactively as from 15 March 2020 onwards.