Additional amending budget: New rules for unemployment insurance and financial aid for studies

8 April 2020 klockan 10.05

The Riksdag voted mainly in favour of the Government's proposals for amendments to the central government budget for 2020 in response to the coronavirus. The amendments will mean for example certain relaxations in unemployment insurance and that the income ceiling for obtaining study support will be removed.

The amendments to the budget will mean that certain public authorities and organisations will receive increased appropriations, for example appropriations will be increased to enable more people to be tested for the coronavirus, the National Board of Health and Welfare will receive increased appropriations in order to ensure access to protective equipment and intensive care equipment and organisations working with vulnerable children and people subjected to violence will also receive more money.

The amendments will come into force on 13 April.

The Government may only submit extra amending budgets if it considers that there are special reasons to do so. The effects of the coronavirus on society constitute such reasons according to the Government and the Riksdag's assessment is not in any way different from that of the Government.