Riksdag summoned in order to consider pandemic act

29 December 2020 klockan 11.34

The Riksdag has been summoned to convene in the first week of January in order to consider a provisional act to prevent the spread of COVID-19 – the “pandemic act”.

“My position since the pandemic first broke out has been that the Riksdag shall be prepared to do what is required to enable crisis measures to be decided as quickly as possible. The Riksdag is always prepared to call a meeting at short notice if needed. This is now the case, and the Riksdag is therefore being summoned to consider the matter of a provisional pandemic act during the first week of January”, says the Speaker Andreas Norlén.

The consideration of the matter will require several meetings of the Chamber:

  • Monday 4 January: a tabling meeting for referral of the Government Bill to the committee responsible for preparing the matter.
  • Tuesday 5 January: a tabling meeting for referral of private members’ motions to the committee.
  • Thursday 7 January: a tabling meeting for tabling of the committee report prior to the debate in the Chamber.
  • Friday 8 January: a plenary meeting with a vote.

One member of the Riksdag must be present in the Chamber during tabling meetings. If the Speaker on duty is one of the Deputy Speakers (who are entitled to vote in the Chamber), no further member of the Riksdag needs to attend. According to an agreement between the party group leaders, 55 members of the Riksdag are currently obliged to attend during votes in the Chamber.

For further information, please contact

Pernilla Eldblom, Press Secretary to the Speaker, email, telephone +46(0)72 209 59 14.