Debate on EU policy at the Riksdag on 20 January

3 December 2020 klockan 08.57

Uppdated 17 December 2020 klockan 16.01

Following consultations with the party group leaders, the Speaker has decided that a debate between on EU policy shall be held at the Riksdag on 20 January. The planned debate between party leaders on EU policy that was due to take place on 18 November was cancelled on account of the increasing spread of COVID-19 in Sweden.

The Minister for EU Affairs Hans Dahlgren will open the debate with a presentation of the Government's priorities in its work with EU matters. The other parties will decide themselves who is to participate in the debate.

“It is important that the Riksdag can function even during the COVID-19 pandemic and that the parties have the opportunity, as soon as possible, to debate topical EU matters. For this reason, we have scheduled a debate on EU policy for the beginning of next year”, says the Speaker Andreas Norlén.

For further information, please contact

Pernilla Eldblom, Press Secretary to the Speaker, telephone: +46 72 209 59 14, e-mail