Activities in the EU in 2019

11 June 2020 klockan 16.30

The Riksdag has considered the annual government communication on work in the European Union (EU). The communication covers all of the EU's activities during 2019. It contains a general description of the EU's development and relations with other countries, of cooperation in the field of social and economic affairs, in the field of justice and home affairs and of the EU institutions.

The Riksdag considers that membership of the EU gives Sweden a greater opportunity to participate in the the drawing up of policy at both the European and the global level. According to the Riksdag, the EU is the best tool for handling cross-border challenges and guaranteeing peace, democracy, security and economic growth. The Riksdag filed the communication, that is, it closed the matter.

The Riksdag has also considered approximately seventy proposals in private members' motions arising from the communication and some fifty proposals in motions from the general private members' motions period 2019 on the subject of EU cooperation.

In this connection, the Riksdag called on the Government by way of an announcement to seek, together with other EU member states, to bring about EU legislation imposing sanctions for human rights - global Magnitsky sanctions.

The Riksdag rejected the other motions.