Possibility for members to participate remotely in meetings of the parliamentary committees and the Committee on EU Affairs

11 June 2020 klockan 15.11

Uppdated 11 June 2020 klockan 15.32

The Riksdag or the Speaker may decide to grant permission for remote participation in committee meetings if there are exceptional grounds. If the Riksdag or the Speaker have taken such a decision, a committee may allow a member or deputy member to participate remotely in a meeting.

The requirement regarding exceptional grounds means that only in purely exceptional cases and extraordinary circumstances will a member be allowed to participate remotely. These may, for example, involve a crisis in society in the whole or part of the country, such as a pandemic, a terrorist attack or a natural disaster. In situations in which there are no exceptional grounds, all members and deputy members will still be expected to participate on location in meetings.

The Committee on European Union Affairs will also be able to grant permission for remote participation in meetings if exceptional grounds exist. Even in normal circumstances, that is when there is no crisis in society, the Committee on European Union Affairs occasionally needs to meet at inconvenient times and at short notice. The requirements for granting remote participation are therefore less stringent in the Committee on European Union Affairs than they are in the parliamentary committees, and do not require a decision by the Riksdag or the Speaker.

The new provision in the Riksdag Act will come into force on 17 June 2020.