Memorial ceremony in the Riksdag for the victims of the coronavirus pandemic

17 June 2020 klockan 13.00

A memorial ceremony for the victims of the coronavirus pandemic took place in the Riksdag on Wednesday 17 June.

The Speaker Andreas Norlén

Photo: Melker Dahlstrand

"With this memorial ceremony, the Riksdag wishes to honour all those who have died on account of the coronavirus pandemic in our country, and at the same time to express our sympathy with those who have been affected in other ways," says the Speaker Andreas Norlén.

"The pandemic is not over yet, but in connection with the conclusion of business it feels appropriate to hold a ceremony to remember everything and everyone we have lost during this spring – a spring like no other," says the Speaker.

Memorial ceremonies are rarely held in the Chamber of the Riksdag. They have previously taken place in connection with the tsunami disaster, the murder of Minister for Foreign Affairs Anna Lindh, the Estonia disaster and the murder of Prime Minister Olof Palme.

The official conclusion of business in the Chamber took place later the same day. However, the Riksdag will continue to meet several times after this date until 30 June, in order to consider various business, primarily in connection with the pandemic. The Speaker also has the possibility of summoning the Riksdag during the summer in order to consider important business.

The Riksdag flew its flags at half-mast during the ceremony.


The Speaker Andreas Norlén opened the ceremony

Air by Johann Sebastian Bach (string quartet from the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra)

Address by the Speaker

Minute of silence

Tattoo performed on the clarion (a player from the Mounted Band of the Royal Lifeguards)