Amended proposal on the EU’s own resources goes beyond what is necessary

23 June 2020 klockan 15.00

The European Commission has presented an amended proposal concerning the system for the EU's own resources. One aspect of the proposal is that the ceiling for the EU's own resources is to be raised. In order to deal with the corona pandemic, it has been proposed that the Commission may lend a maximum of 750 million euros, which may be used for further loans and subsidies to member states. The proposal is part of the recovery plan for the EU presented by the Commission.

The Riksdag considers that the Commission's proposal goes beyond what is necessary in order to reach set targets. Nor has the Commission given any clear motivation as to why lending in this way should be managed better by the EU than by the member states themselves. The Riksdag therefore considers that the Commission's proposal conflicts with the principle of subsidiarity, which is used in the EU to determine whether a matter should be decided at EU level or in the member states. The principle states that decisions should be taken as efficiently and as close to the citizens as possible.

The Riksdag is sending its views in the form of a reasoned opinion to the EU's decision-making institutions.