Additional amending budget: Extended period of compensation for people belonging to high-risk groups (FiU36)

11 November 2020 klockan 16.30

Uppdated 11 November 2020 klockan 16.43

The Riksdag voted in favour of the Government's proposal on a further additional amending budget in order to mitigate the consequences of the spread of the coronavirus.

The proposal means that the compensation period will be extended from 90 days to a maximum of 184 days for:

  • certain sick pay as a preventive measure for individuals in a high-risk group who are unable to work from home
  • certain disease carrier allowances for family members in the same household as an individual in a high-risk group
  • certain temporary parental benefits for care of children who have recently been seriously ill.

According to the Government's proposal, the allocated funds in the central government budget for 2020 will therefore increase by SEK 160 million.

The purpose of the extension is to maintain the protection of those with the highest risk of being seriously affected by the virus.

The Government may only submit additional amending budgets if it considers that there are special reasons to do so. According to the Government, the extension of the number of days of compensation constitutes such a reason, and the Riksdag's assessment is not in any way different from that of the Government.