More stringent measures concerning the work of the Riksdag

11 November 2020 klockan 16.00

The Riksdag and the Riksdag Administration are closely following current events connected to the spread of the coronavirus in Sweden. In October and November 2020, the Public Health Agency of Sweden has, in consultation with the regional communicable disease control consultants, taken decisions to introduce more stringent general recommendations in several Swedish regions, including Stockholm.

The Riksdag and the Riksdag Administration have therefore made several of the measures taken in response to the COVID-19 pandemic more stringent. Other measures remain unchanged.

Among other things, the following currently applies regarding the work of the Riksdag:

  • Some of the Riksdag's activities that were closed to the public during the spring are now partially open. For example, it is possible to return and collect books at the Riksdag Library. However, external visitors now need to request the books they wish to borrow prior to their visit to the Library. Those wishing to sit and read material that cannot be borrowed from the Library also need to book a seat prior to their visit.
  • As a general rule, both members of the Riksdag and officials in the Riksdag Administration are to work from home.
  • Stricter rules apply to the possibilities for both members and officials wishing to receive external guests at the Riksdag.
  • As a rule, the meetings of the parliamentary committees and Committee on EU Affairs are held remotely (digitally). However, physical meetings are still possible under certain conditions. Extra deputy members have been elected in order to ensure that the parliamentary committees and the Committee on EU Affairs are fully manned.
  • Meetings between officials are also to be held remotely as a rule.
  • The party group leaders have agreed that only 55 members are to be present for votes in the Chamber, even though all 349 members are still in service. Before each vote, the parties decide which members are to be present to vote. In other words, it is not the same 55 members who participate in every vote.
  • Since mid-April, there has been free-seating in the Chamber during votes. This means that members may sit wherever they choose so that they can sit farther apart.
  • Guided tours of the Riksdag have been cancelled until further notice

For further information, please contact, telephone: 020-349 000.