The debate between party leaders on EU policy at the Riksdag on Wednesday has been cancelled

17 November 2020 klockan 12.30

On account of the increasing spread of COVID-19 in Sweden, the Speaker and the party group leaders have discussed whether it is appropriate to hold Wednesday's debate between party leaders on EU policy as planned. Following his consultation with the party group leaders, the Speaker has decided to cancel the debate between party leaders on EU policy.

"With this decision I wish to send the signal to the Swedish people that the situation is very serious and that even the Riksdag needs to see over any activities that are not absolutely essential. It continues to be important that the work of the Riksdag can function even during the coronavirus pandemic. However, the debate between party leaders has no direct connection with any specific item of parliamentary business and can therefore be cancelled without having a negative impact on the Riksdag's constitutional functions," says the Speaker Andreas Norlén.

"Nor is it appropriate in the current situation to gather all the party leaders in the same room. It could also be perceived as less relevant to hold a debate where the party leaders are mainly focusing on the European dimension of Swedish policy right now, even if much of the discussions at EU level concern the handling of the pandemic," continues Andreas Norlén.

The Speaker and the party group leaders will consider another format in which to debate current EU matters before the end of the year.

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