Provision in principle on academic freedom to be introduced

21 April 2021 klockan 16.37

It should be possible for the search for and dissemination of knowledge to happen freely at universities and university colleges. This is a precondition for research and education on the basis of science and art, as it is for the role of institutes of higher education as an independent and critically reflective force in society. This is the opinion of the Riksdag, which voted in favour of the Government's proposal for a general principle for academic freedom to be introduced into the Higher Education Act.

The Riksdag also voted in favour of legislative amendments concerning the responsibility of higher education institutions for lifelong learning, cooperation and internationalisation.

All these amendments will take effect on 1 July 20201.

In this bill, the Government presents its research policy for 2021–2024. The Riksdag welcomes the Government's investments in research and innovation, for example on a national research programme on virus and pandemics. The Riksdag voted against other proposals in motions on research and higher education.