The Government should clarify the direction of its security policy

Published: 21 April 2021 at 16.38

The Riksdag considers that the Government should clarify the direction of its security policy and called on the Government to act on this by way of an announcement.

The Riksdag has been considering a written communication from the Government on defence cooperation. In the written communication, the Government describes the background to, and current developments in, international defence cooperation in which Sweden is participating.

In the opinion of the Riksdag, it is clear in the written communication that the Government is focusing its energy on bilateral cooperation, that is defence cooperation between two parties. A brief account is given of cooperation in EU and NATO and without any major forward-looking ambitions, as the Riksdag believes. The Riksdag further considers that the Government, based on the Riksdag's announcement in December 2020 on a NATO option, must take steps including securing broad parliamentary support for Swedish security policy.

The announcement is based on a committee initiative. The Riksdag voted against the other motions and filed the written communication, that is, it closed the matter.