Debate between party leaders 13 January

12 January 2021 klockan 17.15

A debate between party leaders will be held at the Riksdag on Wednesday 13 January. During the debate, the leaders of all the parties represented in the Riksdag will have the opportunity to argue in favour of the policies they wish to pursue.

The debate will start shortly after 9 a.m., before which the Speaker will deliver a speech on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the unicameral Riksdag.
The debate will be broadcast via the Riksdag webcast service and will be interpreted into sign language and English.

Preliminary list of speakers (in Swedish)

The Riksdag session is the parliamentary working year, which starts in September and continues until the start of the next Riksdag session the following September. Normally, four debates between party leaders are held during a Riksdag session – in September, November, January and June. The debate between party leaders in November is an EU policy debate.

Debating rules

The Prime Minister and the party leader of the largest opposition party both have the right to give an address of up to seven minutes. The other party leaders are then given the floor for up to five minutes each, in order of party size. There is no right of reply to these first addresses.

Following this, there is a second round of addresses of no longer than two minutes each.

There is free right of reply to the second address for those participating in the debate in order of party size, of up to one minute per reply and in accordance with the duel method (a total of four minutes per duel).
The addresses are made from the rostrum on the platform of the Chamber, and the replies are made from the rostrums in front of the platform.

For further information, please contact, telephone: 020-349 000.