The Government urged to consider the future of Bromma and Arlanda Airports

2 June 2021 klockan 11.41

Uppdated 2 June 2021 klockan 17.00

A decision on the future of Bromma Airport can be taken at the earliest once the aviation sector has recovered after the corona pandemic and it is possible to make reliable forecasts on developments in aviation. Furthermore, the Government should get back to the Riksdag by December 2021 at the latest with a plan for the development and expansion of Arlanda Airport in order to ensure that there is sufficient flight capacity in the Stockholm area.

This is the opinion of the Riksdag which is now calling on the Government by way of an announcement to act on this.

The Riksdag has also voted in favour of a proposed legislative amendment from the Government. The amendment states that the Government will have the possibility to decide that it should be compulsory at certain airports to take into account the effects influencing the environment and climate in the calculation of landing and take-off charges. This means that the charges can be higher when the climate impact from a particular aircraft is greater, and lower if it is smaller. The airports affected by the proposal are Arlanda and Landvetter Airports.

The amendment will come into force on 1 July 2021. The Riksdag at the same time rejected the other proposals contained in the motions.