The police should be able to test people for COVID-19 following expulsion orders

23 June 2021 klockan 11.00

The police should be authorised to give compulsory tests to people for COVID-19 if necessary in order to enforce an expulsion order. This is the opinion of the Riksdag and urges the Government by way of an announcement to promptly investigate the issue.

The background to this is that certain people with refusal-of-entry or expulsion orders during the pandemic have refused to allow themselves to be tested for COVID-19. This prevents expulsion, since several countries require a PCR test to have been carried wit a negative test result for entry into the country. Such places and organisations as Frontex (the European Border and Coastguard Agency), transit airports and airlines require a PCR test with a negative result to be able to take care of transportation, etc.

In addition to this, a refusal on the part of people to allow themselves to be tested results in the fact that people who are to be expelled as a result of offences remain in the country and thus take up space in detention centres.

The Riksdag has also announced to the Government that it should look into and if necessary propose other necessary legislative amendments to ensure that the police have sufficient powers in cases where people who are to leave the country prevent and impede the enforcement of their expulsion.

The announcements are based on committee initiatives from the Committee on Social Insurance. This means that the Committee has presented proposals for a decision by the Riksdag at its own initiative.