Amendments to the central government budget: the Government to be authorised to give defence material to Ukraine

Published: 17 November 2022 at 15.25

The Riksdag has decided to give the Government the authority to give defence material to Ukraine during 2022 for a maximum value of SEK 3 007 800 000. This concerns air defence systems including qualified ammunition, armoured vehicles, personal equipment including winter kits and body protection, gun-laying equipment, tents and camouflage nets.

The matter was decided on despite having been available for less than two working days before the day it was considered in the Chamber, as is usually the case.

The Riksdag's decision does not affect central government borrowing requirements or net lending. However, central government assets will be reduced by SEK 3 007 800 000.

The proposal has come about through a committee initiative from the Committee on the Finance. This means that it is the Committee that has taken the initiative to propose it, and that it did not originate in a government bill or in private members' motions, which is otherwise normally the case.