Speaker begins the process of forming a government

Published: 15 September 2022 at 15.44

The Speaker of the Riksdag Andreas Norlén begins the process of preparing a proposal for a new Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson (Social Democratic Party) requested her dismissal from office as Prime Minister today on 15 September, and the Speaker has decided to grant her request. Magdalena is now leading a caretaker government in accordance with the rules of the Instrument of Government. In the light of this, the Speaker has now started the task of obtaining proposals for a new candidate for prime minister.

The Speaker will speak to the representatives of the Riksdag parties individually after the weekend. More detailed information on times for these meetings will be announced later.

“Following the vote on the Prime Minister in 2018, I gave the political parties a day or so for reflection and preparations before the first round of interviews with party leaders. It is appropriate to work in the same way now. This time we also have an election result that is very close and the Election Authority has announced that the final election result will be ready during the weekend. In a formal sense, it is therefore suitable to await the result,” says Andreas Norlén.

The process begun by the Speaker Andreas Norlén will be carried forward following the election of the Speaker on 26 September, and the newly elected Riksdag will subsequently take a position once there is a proposal.

When a new Prime Minister is appointed

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