Extension of party group leaders’ agreement on Riksdag work procedures during the corona crisis

The party group leaders' agreement on the work of the Riksdag during the corona crisis has been further extended until 7 September. The purpose of the agreement is to ensure that the Riksdag can fulfil its tasks even though a large number of members of the Riksdag cannot participate in Riksdag work.

Press meeting with the Speaker

The Speaker Andreas Norlén will give an update on the next step in the efforts to form a new government at a press meeting on Wednesday 19 December, 11.15 a.m.

Speaker of the Croatian Parliament visits the Riksdag

The Speaker of the Croatian Parliament Gordan Jandroković visited Stockholm on 24-26 April on an official visit at the invitation of the Speaker Urban Ahlin.

Finansminister Magdalena Andersson (S) debatterar med Oscar Sjöstedt (SD) Foto: Anders Löwdni

The Riksdag has concluded its work on the 2018 central government budget

On 15 December, the Riksdag concluded this autumn's work on the 2018 budget. It has now been decided how the money is to be distributed among the budget's 27 expenditure areas.

Opening of the Riksdag session: Press accreditation and photo pools

The ceremony for the opening of the 2017/18 Riksdag session will take place on Tuesday September 12 at 2 p.m. In addition to members of the Riksdag and specially invited guests, accredited journalists are welcome to follow the ceremony.

Further measures to counter extremism

Activities that are at risk of supporting radicalisation are not to receive central government funding. This is one of the four requests that the Riksdag directed at the Government with the aim of preventing violence-promoting extremism.

Photo: Tomas Oneborg / TT

Greater opportunities for collective action against workplaces with foreign labour

Swedish trade unions are to be given the right to take collective action against workplaces with foreign labour which have not entered into a Swedish collective agreement. This will provide better working conditions for employees who come to Sweden to work here for a limited time. The Riksdag voted yes to the Government's proposal.

Photo: Bertil Ericson / TT

Consequences of scarcity of resources should be reviewed

The Government should conduct a review of the possible consequences of the scarcity of resources in medical care in connection with a severe emergency. The Riksdag has urged the Government to conduct such a review in an announcement.

The Riksdag flies the flag at half-mast

The Riksdag is flying its flags at half-mast in connection with what took place in Stockholm on Friday. On 8 April, the Riksdag's flags are to be displayed at half-mast from 8 o'clock in the morning.

The Speaker's statement on the explosions in St Petersburg

The Speaker's statement on the explosions in St Petersburg Monday 3 April 2017: "Once again it seems like the Russian people have been hit by a terrorist attack. My thoughts go to the victims of the brutal and cowardly attack and to their families," says the Speaker Urban Ahlin.

The Speaker's reaction to the news that Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia are expecting a child

The Speaker Urban Ahlin has reacted to the happy news that Prince Carl Philip an Princess Sofia are expecting their second child. "I would like to express my warmest congratulations and my very best wishes to Prince Carl Philip an Princess Sofia and their family," says the Speaker Urban Ahlin.

Flygfoto med vy över land och hav genom ett molntäcke Photo: Claire Nijnikoff

The Riksdag approves the Paris Climate Agreement

The Riksdag has approved the Paris Climate Agreement, thereby approving the Government's proposal. This means that Sweden, through the Government, can now ratify the Paris Agreement.

Programme for the opening of the Riksdag session on 13 September

Member of the Riksdag Kent Härstedt leads election monitoring mission in Belarus

Member of the Riksdag Kent Härstedt (Social Democratic Party) has been appointed Special Coordinator for the OSCE's election monitoring of the parliamentary elections in Belarus on 11 September. The appointment has been made by Germany's Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Chile's President to visit the Riksdag

On 11 May, the President of Chile Michelle Bachelet will visit the Riksdag as part of a state visit to Sweden. The President will be unveiling Chile's gift to the Riksdag, a bust of Ambassador Harald Edelstam. After the ceremony, President Bachelet will deliver a speech. The ceremony will be attended by the King and Queen, the Speaker, members of the Riksdag and specially invited guests. After the President's speech, members of the Riksdag will have the opportunity to put questions. The speech and question-and-answer session will be broadcast via the Riksdag webcast service. Webcast: The speech and question-and-answer in session