The Speaker and deputy speakers in the Chamber. Photo: Melker Dahlstrand

The opening of the 2020 Riksdag session

The opening of the Riksdag session, marking the start of the 2020/21 parliamentary year, took place today. The event can be watched via the Riksdag webcast service and has been highlighted in the Riksdag's other digital channels. On this page, you will find information about everything that happened during the day.

Photo: Melker Dahlstrand

The Riksdag this summer

The new parliamentary year, the 2020/21 Riksdag session, will begin on 8 September. Members of the Riksdag will continue their parliamentary business in their home communities until the opening of the Riksdag session. For example, they may address written questions to Government ministers. On 20 August, there will be interpellation debates in the Chamber during which Government ministers will answer questions asked by members of the Riksdag. Provision will also be made for interpellation debates on 27 August and 3 September. During the summer, the Riksdag can be convened quickly if necessary to consider urgent matters. As a result of the corona pandemic, all guided tours and visits to the Riksdag and the Democracy Workshop are cancelled until further notice. The Riksdag Library will also remain closed.

New provisions on dental care subsidies on account of COVID-19

The Government will be able to make exceptions to the rules on dental care subsidies in cases where there is a risk of the spread of a disease constituting a danger to society, or in connection with other extraordinary events in peace time. The Riksdag voted in favour of the Government's proposals.

The Committee on the Constitution examines the Government's handling of the corona crisis

The Committee on the Constitution has agreed that the focus of its examination of the Government's handling of the corona crisis will be on how government power has been exercised from a broader, constitutional, perspective.

The Committee on the Constitution resumes its examination of the Government

The Committee on the Constitution has decided today that it will resume its examination of the Government this autumn. A decision concerning hearings will be taken after the opening of the Riksdag session on 8 September.

Amended transitional provisions for medical technology products

Transitional provisions are to be amended pending the entry into force of new EU rules within the area of medical technology. The Government's proposal means that transitional provisions pertaining to such things as the Act concerning Medical Technology Products will be amended so that older provisions will continue to apply until 25 May 2021.

Photo: Anders Löwdin

Foreign policy debate

The foreign policy debate was held in the Riksdag on Wednesday 12 February. The Minister for Foreign Affairs Ann Linde (Social Democratic Party) introduced the debate with a presentation of the Government's Statement of Foreign Policy.

Nobel laureates visited the Riksdag

On Wednesday 11 December, three new Nobel laureates visited the former First Chamber of the Riksdag. The seminar was arranged by the Association of MPs and Researchers of the Swedish Parliament (RIFO), and the Speaker Andreas Norlén held the opening address.

Yes to amended rules on social security benefits in the event of a no-deal Brexit

The Government proposes certain amendments to the Act on social security benefits after the UK leaves the EU. The amendments will only apply if the UK leaves the EU without a valid withdrawal agreement in place.