Talman Andreas Norlén var värd för seminarium om vetenskapens roll för parlamentariskt beslutsfattande den 8 april 2021. På skärm nobelpristagarna Emmanuelle Charpentier och Reinhard Genzel. Photo: Anders Löwdin

The role of science in parliamentary decision-making

On 8 April, the Speaker Andreas Norlén hosted a seminar on the role of science in parliamentary decision-making. The seminar took the form of a dialogue between members of the Riksdag, Göran K. Hansson, Permanent Secretary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the Nobel laureates Emmanuelle Charpentier and Reinhard Genzel. 

Support to the elderly care services as a result of amendments to the central government budget

The Riksdag has adopted amendments to the central government budget for 2021 in order to give increased support to the elderly care services. Central government expenditure will increase by approximately SEK 4.3 billion in 2021.

The Committee on the Constitution’s hearings on scrutiny matters on 9, 12 and 13 April

The Committee on the Constitution will be holding hearings on 9, 12 and 13 April relating to the Committee's scrutiny, among other things, of the Government's actions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The scrutiny is based on reports from members of the Riksdag to the Committee on the Constitution and on committee initiatives. Several government ministers will be heard, including Minister for Health and Social Affairs Lena Hallengren (Social Democratic Party). Further hearings relating to the Committee's scrutiny will be held later in April.

The system for the EU’s own resources from 2021 onwards approved

The Riksdag has voted in favour of the Government's proposal to approve the amended rules for the EU’s own resources from 2021 onwards, as decided by the Council of Ministers. The new rules are to apply retroactively from 1 January 2021. All the member states of the EU have to approve the Council's decision to enable it to come into effect.

Orienteers run across a grass field towards the target area with spectators and flags. Photo: Adam Ihse/TT

Additional amending budget: extended financial support to companies and a new guarantee support to culture and sport

The Riksdag partially voted in favour of the Government's proposal on further measures in response to the continued spread of COVID-19. These include an extension of financial support to companies as well as an extended borrowing limit to the Public Health Agency of Sweden to enable it to enter into further vaccine agreements. The Riksdag called on the Government to get back to the Riksdag with a proposal concerning guarantee support for culture and sport.

The Government should present concrete proposals for simpler permit processes in the mining industry

The Riksdag would like to see simpler permit processes and shorter processing times for the mining and minerals industry and it has therefore called on the Government to act on this by way of an announcement.

Photo: Tove Eriksson/TT

The Government should review the travel guarantee

The Government should review the current travel guarantee system to ensure greater economic protection for travellers. This is the opinion of the Riksdag which has called on the Government by way of an announcement to appoint an inquiry on the matter.

Sweden introduces safe country of origin regulations

The Riksdag voted in favour of the Government’s proposal to incorporate safe country of origin regulations in the Swedish Aliens Act. The regulations mean, among other things, that the Swedish Migration Agency will be able to consider an asylum application to be manifestly unfounded if the asylum seeker comes from a country included in a list of safe countries of origin.

Language training required for right to income support

A "language duty" is to be introduced, which means that an individual must, if necessary, participate in Swedish for Immigrants (sfi) training in order to be considered available for employment. The Riksdag voted in favour of the Government's proposed legislative amendment.

Foreign policy debate

The foreign policy debate will be held in the Riksdag on Wednesday 24 February at 9 a.m. The Minister for Foreign Affairs Ann Linde (Social Democratic Party) will introduce the debate with a presentation of the Government's Statement of Foreign Policy. The foreign policy debate takes place once a year and is divided into two parts. In the first part, one representative from each party participates. In the second half of the debate, the members who would like to speak are given the opportunity to take the floor. The first part of the debate is interpreted into English and can be viewed via the Riksdag webcast service. Statement of Government Foreign Policy(pdf, 162 kB)

Possible to return and collect requested books at the Riksdag Library

From Monday 1 February, the Riksdag Library will be open for the return and collection of requested books on weekdays. If you just wish to return borrowed books, a book return box will be available at the entrance on weekdays. For current information on opening hours and visiting rules, please visit the Riksdag Library website.

The Riksdag Library is closed until further notice

The Riksdag Library in the Old Town in Stockholm is to remain closed to visitors until further notice as a result of the corona pandemic. It is not possible to borrow, reserve, order or return books as long as the library remains closed. Current loans will be extended automatically. Usually, the Riksdag Library is open to everyone.

Increased opportunities to convert unpaid fines into imprisonment

Fines may be converted into imprisonment if it has not been possible to collect them on account of defiance on the part of the recipient of the fine. The Riksdag has voted in favour of the Government's proposal.

Adapted licence requirements for occupational pension funds

An occupational pension fund is an association that manages its members' occupational pensions. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a risk that some funds will be unable to meet the capital requirements that are necessary to be able to continue to conduct their activities as occupational pension companies.

The Speaker and deputy speakers in the Chamber. Photo: Melker Dahlstrand

The opening of the 2020 Riksdag session

The opening of the Riksdag session, marking the start of the 2020/21 parliamentary year, took place today. The event can be watched via the Riksdag webcast service and has been highlighted in the Riksdag's other digital channels. On this page, you will find information about everything that happened during the day.

Photo: Melker Dahlstrand

The Riksdag this summer

The new parliamentary year, the 2020/21 Riksdag session, will begin on 8 September. Members of the Riksdag will continue their parliamentary business in their home communities until the opening of the Riksdag session. For example, they may address written questions to Government ministers. On 20 August, there will be interpellation debates in the Chamber during which Government ministers will answer questions asked by members of the Riksdag. Provision will also be made for interpellation debates on 27 August and 3 September. During the summer, the Riksdag can be convened quickly if necessary to consider urgent matters. As a result of the corona pandemic, all guided tours and visits to the Riksdag and the Democracy Workshop are cancelled until further notice. The Riksdag Library will also remain closed.

New provisions on dental care subsidies on account of COVID-19

The Government will be able to make exceptions to the rules on dental care subsidies in cases where there is a risk of the spread of a disease constituting a danger to society, or in connection with other extraordinary events in peace time. The Riksdag voted in favour of the Government's proposals.

The Committee on the Constitution examines the Government's handling of the corona crisis

The Committee on the Constitution has agreed that the focus of its examination of the Government's handling of the corona crisis will be on how government power has been exercised from a broader, constitutional, perspective.

The Committee on the Constitution resumes its examination of the Government

The Committee on the Constitution has decided today that it will resume its examination of the Government this autumn. A decision concerning hearings will be taken after the opening of the Riksdag session on 8 September.

Amended transitional provisions for medical technology products

Transitional provisions are to be amended pending the entry into force of new EU rules within the area of medical technology. The Government's proposal means that transitional provisions pertaining to such things as the Act concerning Medical Technology Products will be amended so that older provisions will continue to apply until 25 May 2021.